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Who is better at Dubai Real Estate PK China Real Estate?

Issuing time:2019-02-26 19:20

In recent years, overseas real estate has attracted more and more attention from investors, and the well-known country of Dubai has become the most attractive real estate market in the world, attracting many countries such as India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Britain, Egypt, etc. National investors, high-quality properties from Dubai, are attracting more and more Chinese investors. According to statistics, the fourth largest investor in Dubai real estate investment is China. What is the difference between Dubai Real Estate PK China Real Estate? Let's analyze it for everyone.

Lending rates

The Dubai loan rate depends on the bank of the home loan you are applying for. Interest rates are expected to range from 3.99 to 5.5%, and interest is declining as the repayment amount of the loan principal increases. In August 2018, the average interest rate of domestic first-home loans continued to rise, reaching 5.69%.

Residential title deed

Most of Dubai's properties are freehold, and only a few are 99 years of property. The property rights of Chinese houses are only 70 years, and these 70 years are actually land use rights, but they have the right to use.

Rental return

Dubai's properties are reported to have a rental return ratio of 6%-10% in all regions at a high rental rate. In other words, it takes only 10 years to recover the cost of buying a real estate project in Dubai. Taking the data of the first-tier and second-tier cities in China as an example, the rental return rate of the four cities in the north, Guangzhou and Shenzhen is generally less than 2%.

House area

There are no pool areas for residential apartments in Dubai, which are calculated based on actual use. Some hotel apartment projects have public stalls. In China, the building area plus the pool area is generally more than 20%.

Supporting facilities

Almost all residential apartments in Dubai, hotel-style apartments will have a matching swimming pool, gym, sauna room for the owners to use free of charge, and most of the projects to buy a free parking space, which is undoubtedly for the high cost of the domestic parking space It is a big temptation.


If you need a loan to buy a house in Dubai, you only need to pay 50%, and the remaining 50% can borrow from the bank. According to the relevant regulations in China, buyers must first prepare 30% of the down payment to apply for a loan to buy a house, and buyers to purchase a second house. A 60% down payment is required to apply for a bank home loan.

House price

According to the data, the average transaction price of Dubai in 2018 is 1,305 dirhams (24,214 yuan). The data of China's 100-city housing price report shows that in December 2018, the average transaction price of new commercial housing in 100 cities in China was in the first line. The second line is 46,485 yuan and 14,240 yuan / square meter respectively. The average price of Dubai is not in the top ten in the country, and is spiked by some second-tier cities.

Purchase quantity

In Dubai, foreigners buying houses in Dubai do not limit the number of home purchases, but they have already implemented “restriction orders” in China.

Through the above analysis, the difference between Dubai real estate and Chinese real estate has already been reflected. With the arrival of the 2020 Dubai World Expo, Dubai will open the door for the world. The construction of large-scale Expo infrastructure is imperative, and the demand for real estate is also increasing. Strong, and the demand for Chinese investors to invest in real estate in Dubai will continue to increase.







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